Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

After moving to Cheltenham I became a more regular shopper at Wholefoods.  Before when it was a half hour away I would always pop in if I were in Cheltenham for another reason and occasionally even made the trip especially.  After spending 2 years in America and falling in love with the company over there I was really excited when I heard there would be one opening within driving distance.  At that time I did not know there were seven in London (actually there may have only been six at that point) and one in Glasgow.

After the move I could actually walk there, though this had nothing to do with the location of the house we bought (honest). There is a lot more to Wholefoods though than just food shopping and I even managed to attend a few workshops at the Acorn Centre. Though a favourite event was around the store in the form of Tasty Tuesday which we became regulars at.  Five 'sample' dishes paired with 5 wines (or 5 soft drinks) for £5.

We hadn't been for a while since Willow had become Vegetarian and often there would be something with meat, though to be fair even when we did go and there was she just gave it to me.This month though the theme (yes there is usually a theme) was Veggie Mexican so we booked for the first time in a while.

It really is a good night, with a great atmosphere and of course lovely food.  The dishes are either cooked from scratch and there are often recipes for you to take if you wish and of course the ingredients you would need to recreate it or sometimes it is something straight of the shelf that you may not have tried before and can just put straight in to your basket.  I discovered Amy's Chilli this way and it is now a firm favourite in our home. 

This month we had the delights of Sweet Potato and Pomegranate Tagine, Moroccan Couscous with Khobez flat bread, Bean Tagine with Harissa and Coriander, Vanilla Ice Cream with Pistachios and Honey and Moroccan Goats cheese with Crispy Bread. So many amazing flavours and difficult to say which was my favourite.

They have a Tasty Tuesday every second Tuesday in the month and you can book for Julys here. They often sell out so don't leave it to late.

*After living in Cheltenham for 6 months I managed to get a job at Wholefoods. The above is a non biased opinion as I was a regular Tasty Tuesday Customer before my employment started

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Interview with Tweedy

An interview with Tweedy about the new Giffords Circus show, 'The Thunders' by Michael Hasted.

Check out dates at Giffords Circus

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Giffords Circus - Lucky 13

This years Giffords Circus season has begun and is now in its second week at Pittville Gardens in Cheltenham.  Here is quick glimps at this years show.  (spoiler alert)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Star Bistro

For ages I have wanted to go to The Star Bistro in Ullenwood, which is a joint venture by The Wiggly Worm team (a charity that works amongst the vulnerable, disadvantaged or seldom heard) and the students from the National Star College (specialist further education college for people with disabilities).  They have recently got through to the finals on Food Glorious Food on ITV1 with their Pimm’s Jelly, fingers crossed they win.

Today we finally managed to go and I really hope we go again soon.  Not only because the food we had was lovely and the place is great but the menu is so good, I was torn what to choose.  So I need to go back and try the other things I like the look of.

I had Butternut Squash Risotto and Tweedy had Confit Duck.  I really wanted to try the Mussels, Chilled Poached Salmon with Cucumber Salad and the Seared Bavette Steak.  There were so many amazing sounding dishes on the menu.

Photo taken from Star Bistro’s FaceBook page

Tweedy really isn't in to food that much.  To him it is fuel he needs to make him function and often forgets to eat and only remembers when he gets dizzy.  He generally eats out because I love good food and if I ask him how his was he normally shrugs and says “It was OK”, but even he said his duck was full of so many flavours. 

I can’t recommend The Star Bistro enough; it is great on so many levels.


Around two years ago when we first started looking for a parti poodle, I would show people a particular photo I found on Google images, saying "I want one just like this one, but I don't think they will let me have it". I had no idea if the dog in the photo was from the UK or even alive. I just showed people the photo to show them what a parti poodle was and thought it was a fine example of what I was looking for. Finally we found Apple and she has been part of our family for over a year. There is something strange about parti poodles though and most people who have them seem to have more than one. I have no idea why but very soon I realised I wanted a friend for Apple. I contacted a breeder that I had emailed before and whom others I knew had recommended and decided I would like one of her puppies even if I had to wait a while. Amazingly though, the day before I emailed her she had, had a boy born. Even more amazing though was I found out that his Grandmother was the poodle from the picture I use to show everyone 18 months ago. It was lovely to meet her when we went to collect him. So introducing Pickle…

…he really is a pickle!